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The Designer

For business inquiries:

Hello! My names Sam, some people like to call me Daisy.

I am Web & Graphic Designer based out of Southern Minnesota.


My name's

(AKA: Daisy)

Everyone has a craft, something that makes them feel more alive than anything else. For me, this is my craft. Designing makes me feel content. With every project I do I feel myself progressing and becoming more knowledgeable in this field. 


It’s one of the best feelings in the world to create something that not only makes you feel like you accomplished something great, but also when a client loves your work. Creating something that a client loves for their company, but also having it connect to them on a personal level is probably the most rewarding part. A design is just a design unless it really connects to the people who make up the business. 


Besides designing, I like to dive my time into painting, yoga, and music. I am referred to as an ENTJ, filled with compassion as well as leadership. I always want to bring out the best in people and bring out those things within people they didn't think they had. I would describe myself as a creative and passionate individual with a lot of drive for the work I put out there. I am always looking for a way to help and inspire others. 


Every chance I get I'm either brainstorming a new design or mixing a new paint hue. Experimentation is helping me grow and get me closer to where I want to be. I am doing what I love, and it would be a pleasure to design for you!

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