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With years of knowledge as a Web & Graphic Designer, with confidence I can create exclusive content to showcase you and what your

company is all about.


I create the design for your desired product, and can even send it to production for you! I will use a third party platform to take any of my designs and get them printed for things such as shirts, stationary, etc. I do the designing, and leave production into the hands of others.

DAISY DARLING DESIGN branding offers a wide variety of product mediums to present and express your business. Anything from ten stickers to three-hundred business cards, each product

created will look crisp, clean, and fresh. 

Design Process:

1. Meet with you! Discuss what is expected in the project, what products will be created, and an approximate price estimate and time for completion. 

2.  I get to work on the desired product!

3. Once completed, I hand over the product to you!

- Greeting Cards

- Invitations

- Business Cards

- Invoices

- Resumes

- Brand Identity

- Color Styling

- Social Media

- Posters

- Flyers

- Stickers

- Address Labels

- Notepads

- Magnets

- Pens

- T-shirts

& More

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